3D printing plastic parts used to space

- Apr 12, 2016-

With the development of technology, 3D printing has been gradually applied to all areas of manufacturing. 3D printing after nearly 10 years of rapid development, has major share in consumer goods, transportation equipment, in health care also has a great promotion. 3D printing equipment in the field of aerospace applications also rose steadily.

Has reported that the United States has successfully launched plastic rocket with 3D printing. Last week Jones v rocket will be a 3D printer to the international space station in space, and the rocket itself has also installed a series of 3D printing of plastic parts.

3D printing is United States Space Agency, the European Space Agency, heavyweight such as SpaceX and space agencies, is because of the low cost and more flexible. 3D plastic parts metal parts instead of the original print, significantly reduce the weight of the rocket, and can save as much as $ 1 million cost each year.

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