Advantages of plastic

- Apr 12, 2016 -

1, good processing properties

Plastics can be processed into a variety of shapes depending on requirements for products, and the process is simple, suitable for mechanized mass production.

2, light

Density of plastic in between 0.8-2.2G/cm3, only the 1/3-1/4 steel, aluminum 1/2, 1/3 concrete, and wood similar to. For decoration, can reduce the strength of construction and reduce the weight of the building.

3, strength

Plastic strength much higher than concrete, close to or even more than the steel, is a light-weight high-strength material.

4, low heat conductivity

Plastic thermal conductivity is small, about 1/500-1/600 of the metal. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the foamed plastics only 0.02-0.046W/mK, about 1/1500 of metal, cement concrete 1/40, 1/20 of ordinary clay bricks, is an ideal insulation material.

5, good chemical stability

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