Plastic toys disinfection method

- Apr 12, 2016-

① Immersion disinfection method (suitable for toys not easily fade)

Peracetic acid disinfection or 0.5% available 0.2% spirit soaking for 2 hours. This method can kill bacteria on the surface of toys, the effect quickly and thoroughly. Toys placed in a ventilated place to dry after the rinse.

Some small holes on the plastic toy, toy cleaning process and disinfection liquid will flow into the toy inside. Attention when cleaning disinfectant inside the toy and the water clean. Dry water inside if there are toys, advises parents not to give babies, after controlling play.

Warm tips

Toys disinfection, protect your baby's eyes!

After disinfection with chemical dispersants venom toy baby, be sure to rinse the chemical disinfectant wash to avoid residual disinfectant to stimulate your baby's eyes, the skin, but also to prevent remnants of baby chew toys swallowing chemicals, affect the health of the baby.

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