Automotive Parts Are The Units And Services That Make Up The Whole Car

- Jun 05, 2017 -

  Automotive parts are the components of the whole Automotivemobile and the products that serve the Automotivemobile are collectively referred to as Automotive parts, the main categories:

  1, engine accessories, mainly including engine, engine assembly, throttle body, cylinder body, tensioner wheel, etc.

  2, transmission system accessories, mainly including clutch, transmission, variable speed shift lever assembly, reducer, magnetic materials, etc.

  3, braking system accessories, mainly including the total brake pump, brake pump, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, compressor, brake disc, brake drum, etc.

  4, Steering system accessories, mainly including kingpin, steering machine, steering knuckle, ball head pins, etc.

  5, walking accessories, mainly including rear axle, air suspension system, balance block, steel plate, etc.

  6, electrical instrumentation accessories, mainly including sensors, Automotivemotive lamps, spark plugs, batteries and so on;

  7, Automotive lamps, mainly including decorative lights, fog lights, ceiling lamps, headlamp, brake lights, reversing lights, steering lights, instrument lights, indicators, searchlights and other Automotivemotive lamps;

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