Automotive Parts Hidden 4 Functions

- Oct 10, 2017-

Owners of the requirements for the car continue to increase, the car also followed the times constantly updated. What are the features in the auto parts that you do not know? Let's take a look at the four features hidden in the auto parts.

1, rearview mirror heating function integrated in the rear window heating button

At present, many cars are equipped with rearview mirror heating function, the basic configuration is already very popular, but also in the rain and snow weather is also very practical. Some high-end car center console with a separate rearview mirror heating button, you can carry out a separate operation of the rearview mirror. But many cars in the design for the sake of simplicity, the rearview mirror heating and rear windshield heating function integrated set on a button, so that in the rain and snow weather, the rear windshield heating and rearview mirror heating can be synchronized to open, Greatly improving the safety of traffic.

2, the speed automatically control the volume matching function

Often like the side of the car while listening to the song friends have had a similar experience, when we are driving at a relatively low speed while listening to music, suddenly the front suddenly can be accelerated to drive, with the speed of the car Tire noise and wind resistance will increase. At this time we listen to music when the music sound is small, then you need to hand to adjust the volume. In fact, some cars in the original multimedia system has a "speed automatic control volume matching" function, the car's volume will be with the car speed to adjust the size of the volume. In general, the automatic change will be adjusted to the maximum amplitude, so that we hear the sound of music will be relatively "fixed", low speed when the volume will become smaller, the speed will increase after the volume will become larger.

3, oil watch lights can show the direction of the tank cover

There are many small details in the car design, all the time does not reflect the superiority of the car. Such as daily life, some people can not remember the location of their own fuel tank cover, each time into the gas station but also hard to recall, so sometimes the wrong position led to the fuel pipeline is not long enough. In fact, through the instrument panel in the oil watch lamp can know the direction of the tank cover. There is a small arrow on the oil watch, where the arrow points to the side of the tank (especially to Hong Kong, Japan and other left countries must pay attention to, compared with the mainland car fuel tank is not in the same position).

4, airbag switch function

I believe that many of my friends will think that the airbag is a passive safety equipment, only when the vehicle will be hit when the impact is generally not forced to close. In fact, taking into account some of the vehicle's co-pilot year round do not sit or other reasons, the vehicle after the impact of the auxiliary airbag will still pop up, pop-up after the replacement of expensive airbags, some manufacturers in the center of the console The right side of the door to see) or glove box installed in the co-pilot airbag switch settings, according to the actual situation to switch the front row of auxiliary airbags (some vehicles with seat occupancy detection system except). When someone is sitting in the co-pilot to open the airbag, no one sitting in the closed (child seat on the co-drive when closed).

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