Automotive Parts It Is A Product That Makes Up The Whole Unit Of The Automobile And Serves The Automobile

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Auto parts are a kind of products that make up the whole unit of automobile and serve the automobile. So how much do you know about auto parts? Here are the contents of the knowledge about auto parts, I hope you like it!

Development characteristics of Auto Parts

① Auto Parts processing system supporting, modular supply trend of the ascendant

② Auto Parts processing and purchasing globalization

③ Auto Parts processing industry transfer speed [1]

There are many kinds of car accessories, more and more car brands nowadays, more and more types of cars. Vehicles can be divided into two types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, of which passenger cars are less than nine seats (including driver's seat), to carry passengers for the main purpose of the vehicle. Specifically, passenger cars are divided into basic passenger cars, such as sedans, MPV models, SUV models and other models such as pickups.

A commercial vehicle means a vehicle with a seating capacity of more than nine seats (including a driver's seat) or a main purpose for carrying cargo. The specific is divided into: passenger cars, trucks, semi-trailer, passenger cars, incomplete vehicles, cargo vehicles.

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more cars are being consumed, and the market of auto parts becomes more and more big. Auto Parts manufacturing Factory has also been developing rapidly in recent years.

Key points for replacement of auto parts

First, as far as possible use of sealant, if necessary, can be used to paint substitute to achieve the ideal sealing effect;

Second, rubber seals should be carefully inspected before assembling the appearance of quality, the use of special tools to press the match, to avoid beating deformation;

Third, according to the provisions of the lubrication grease, regular cleaning ventilation holes and check valves, etc.

IV, in the extremely clean conditions for assembly, parts work surface without bumps, scratches, burrs and other attachments;

Strict operating procedures, seals should be properly installed, to prevent the deformation of not in place;

VI, master the performance of seals and use requirements, timely replacement of failure parts;

In the case of the thin-walled parts of the side cover, the sheet metal is used for cold correction; easy to wear shaft hole parts can be used metal plating, welding repair, adhesive, machining and other processes to achieve the original size;

Eighth, the nut sliding wire break, loosen should repair or replace new parts, and twist to the specified torque.

Correct identification of auto parts

What is the best way to buy auto parts products? How to choose the most appropriate cost-effective car parts, here, to recommend the following tips to help you choose the best car accessories: The loss should be returned.

1, look at the packaging of the original parts of the general comparison of packaging standards, uniform standard specifications, printing handwriting clear and formal, and counterfeit product packaging printing is relatively cheap, often can easily find the flaw from the packaging;

2, see the color of some of the original accessories surface designated a certain color, if met other colors, is fake and shoddy parts;

3, look at the appearance of the original accessories printed word or cast and mark clear formal, while the appearance of counterfeit products rough;

4, look at the paint illegal businessman will scrap parts by simple processing, such as demolition, loading, spelling, together, brush paint and other treatment, and then fake the sale of qualified goods, illegal access to high profits;

5, see the texture of the original accessories materials are according to the design requirements of qualified materials, counterfeit products are mostly using cheap and inferior materials;

6, look at the poor workmanship product appearance sometimes although good, but due to poor production process, prone to cracks, sand holes, slag, burrs or scratches;

7, see "Storage" car accessories If the occurrence of chapped, oxidation, discoloration mirror or aging problems, may be in the storage of poor environment, storage time, material itself and other reasons;

8, see "Joint" if the clutch piece of rivet loose, brake skin pipe degumming, electrical parts joint off welding, paper filter seam off, and so on, it can not be used;

9, see the logo part of the regular parts marked with certain markings, such as gear mark, piston top mark, such as assembly marks, to ensure the correct installation of the machine, no can not buy;

10, see the missing normal assembly components must be complete intact, in order to ensure smooth loading and normal operation. Some parts of the assembly of a small part of the leakage, generally "parallel", which caused difficulties in loading. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, resulting in the entire assembly parts scrapped;

11, look at the protective layer in order to facilitate the safekeeping, to prevent parts bump, parts before the factory has a protective layer. For example, bushings, size of the bush, pistons, valves, etc. are generally protected with paraffin wax, so as to avoid its surface damage, these important accessories, the surface without protective layer, more "parallel";

12, see some important parts of the document, especially the Assembly class, such as carburetor, distributor, generator, etc., when the factory generally with a manual, certification, to guide users to install, use and maintenance, if none of these are fake and shoddy products;

13, look at the specifications to buy auto parts, to identify the main technical parameters, special technology to meet the use requirements. Some fake and shoddy products look similar to the real goods, but loaded up is not very suitable, or big point or small point, the use is always not satisfied with, and leave the accident hidden trouble.

14, the third party issued a test report, not only to prove authenticity, but also to show the quality of its advantages and disadvantages.

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