Automotive Parts Replacement Cycle

- Sep 18, 2017-


How long is the tire life Around the owner of the owners generally think that is 5-6 years, and even a friend that the wheels did not wear the wire do not need to replace, God! In fact, tire life and many factors are closely related. Such as climate, roads, driving methods, installation, maintenance and so on.

Tire Replacement Time Replacement and Exercise Replacement:

1, the time to replace: 4S shop to tell you that within three years, regardless of the tires you do not run to run this is a shit. After N tires practice found that tires within 5 years are possible. 5 years - 7 years during this period some of the car did not how to drive, tire water shortage serious cracks (that is, a small tire tire cracks) crack depth of 2MM this time that the tires for the change.

2, the implementation of the replacement: the tire sidewall and the tread edge of a circle there are many small triangle pattern along any one of the triangular pattern traverse to the tread pattern, the pattern will be found in the tires below the tires of the normal pattern of small Grid, here that the tires for the change. In fact, do not change the line, but also the performance of fuel consumption control brake capacity are reduced too much, especially rain and snow. Tires can be used for second-hand tires but do not try to refurbish the goods hanging tires, dangerous.

In the case of international regulations, if the tire is used properly, the tire must be replaced when the tread depth is 1.6 mm. Almost all tires are marked at a depth of 1.6 mm. Such as the normal use of ordinary tires mileage of 5-10 million or so. But need to remind you that the tire is valid for 5 years after the factory, because the rubber has an aging period, therefore, regardless of whether the mileage reached 100,000 km, to the factory after 5 years, the best replacement.


In the view of some owners, two years for a snow has become a habit. However, this concept of regular replacement of snow is not entirely correct. As the refrigerant in the liquefied state completely sealed in the compressor main pump and brass, if there is no leakage, you can not need to replace the long-term.

Brake pads

The life of the brake pads, usually according to the owner of the individual braking frequency, road conditions may be. Generally speaking, the brake pads in the 5-8 million km or so when you need to replace, if the degree of wear and tear calculated by a third limit.

Here are some special cases to note:

1, the novice brakes generally step on the more consumption will be larger.

2, automatic transmission than the manual file fee brake pads, because the automatic shift is by the accelerator pedal and brake pedal.

3, often open the city's car, brake pads will be faster than the often open road car. Because often open the city car, often to stop and go, with the brakes will be more. Take the road may take tens of kilometers to slow down or stop, with the opportunity to brake is relatively small.

4, the load of large cars, brake pads loss. The same speed of the case of slow down the brake, the weight of large car inertia, the need to brake the friction force on the large, so wear large.

In general, in the case of mixed driving (half of the road, half of the urban area), the front wheel brake pads should be able to use 6-7 million km. Rear wheel brakes should be able to use more than 100,000 km. Of course this is not absolute, but probably estimate the average. Front wheel brake loss is faster, because the brake, the car's center of gravity will lean forward, the front brake to bear the power than the rear brake.

So, the front brake discs are generally larger than the rear brakes. When you change the brake pads, the brake effect is certainly not good before, will feel the brake is relatively soft, then we must step on the foot brake to eliminate the gap between the film and the brake disc. In addition, the need to run 200 km in order to achieve the best braking effect, just change the brake pads to be careful, pay attention to follow the car not too tight.

Brake Fluid

Its service life was 60,000 km or 3 years. It is worth mentioning that the brake oil is best replaced on time, otherwise, will be due to deterioration and air resistance, resulting in brake failure.

The brake oil replacement cycle is three years. Brake oil used for a long time, although the surface did not much impact, but when the vehicle in the emergency braking or long-term driving in the downhill when the problem is easy to appear. Brake system in the long-term or emergency braking process, will make the brake oil temperature rise rapidly. And the brake oil itself has a strong water absorption characteristics, it will absorb the water around the air, such as car washing, humid air, etc., there will be infiltration of water into the accumulated water into the brake oil will directly cause the brake oil boiling point, Power down. At the same time will lead to brake pipe air resistance, thus affecting the performance of the brake. Another water will also corrode the brake pipe, resulting in anti-lock brake (abs) hydraulic assembly of the internal valve damage, seriously affecting the brake brake transmission reaction. Moreover, the use of brake oil for a long time, will lead to the brake pump in the bowl and the piston has been worn, causing the brake oil turbidity.

The quality of the brake oil is very important, in the choice of brake oil to pay more attention to, if it is unqualified or the quality of the general brake oil, will crack the brake oil pump leather, the brake effect will have an impact.

Car maintenance is very troublesome, when the car driving to a certain number of kilometers, the spark plug will produce coke electrode gap will increase, coke will increase the engine fuel consumption, spark plug gap will cause difficulties in starting. Therefore, often check the maintenance of spark plugs, can extend the engine life.

To be maintained, first clean the air filter regularly to prevent dust from entering the combustion with the mixture, which can prevent the spark plug from corrosion. Second, you can also remove the spark plug, clean up the dirt on the ignition, coke. However, it is important to note that in the disassembly of the spark plug, pay attention to the spark plugs in and out, be careful not to let the dust into the cylinder, should be in advance when the demolition of the spark plug will clean up around. Cylinder, such as organic oil, but also timely replacement of the piston ring or other parts, so as to avoid spark plug Coke caused by electrode short circuit. In addition, the fuel oil is also closely related to the life of the spark plug, so when refueling must pay attention, should not seek cheap to add quality problems of oil, or regret.

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