China's Mold Industry Growth Rate Is Affected

- Dec 10, 2018-

Affected by various international and domestic factors, China's economic growth has slowed down, and the growth rate of the mold industry has also been affected. However, according to the analysis, the problem should not be viewed too seriously, so that the use of drugs to blindly expand the scale of investment will cause harm to the long-term development of the Chinese economy. The key issue now is to grasp the adjustment efforts. On the one hand, we should not engage in large-scale investment of 4 trillion yuan. In particular, we should not invest in industries with high energy consumption, high pollution and overcapacity. It will cause damage to the environment and waste of resources. On the other hand, it is necessary to stimulate and stabilize economic growth and expand investment. The focus of investment should be on improving people's livelihood, promoting domestic demand, and stimulating consumption.

    A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other 13 ministries and commissions jointly issued an opinion recently to explicitly support domestic qualified private enterprises to carry out overseas energy resource development, technology and advanced manufacturing investment in qualified countries and regions. At the same time, the "Opinions" mentioned that it will be supported through a package of measures such as finance, fiscal taxes and simplified investment approval. Experts said that the current downward pressure on the economy has increased and exports have been sluggish. Accelerating the promotion of foreign investment by Chinese mold companies can effectively drive the export of goods and help expand the scale of China's mold exports. It is better for private enterprises to go out than the state-owned enterprises, because state-owned enterprises tend to be wearing colored glasses because of the government's background. Private enterprises can play a flexible mechanism to better carry out foreign investment and financing.

    However, experts suggest that private enterprises should pay attention to a few points when investing in the sea: First, we should not blindly follow the trend, and must choose the field suitable for the development of our own enterprises based on the strength of the enterprise. Second, we should strengthen the in-depth study of the national conditions, laws, and humanities of the attached investment countries to avoid unnecessary disputes or investment losses due to unclear circumstances. Third, an in-depth investigation of the partner who chooses to invest should be conducted to fully understand its strength, company background or debt situation. Fourth, invest more carefully in war-torn countries or regions to ensure security.

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