Design Principle And Thinking Of Injection Mold

- Sep 29, 2017-

Design Principle and Thinking of Injection Mold

One: the design of the roof

The sloping roof is a kind of top-out core pulling mechanism, when the product is upside down, inconvenient to do bit, and it is convenient to do the top of the sloping roof, it must be inclined roof top. Another situation is as (b Figure), when a long bone in the top of the top to do, the bone bit easy to stick on the straight top, Injection Mold and easy to take the product, the need to do the top of the sloping roof. . The slanting top can not be used for the same material in the inner mold, harder, and smaller, with FDAC

1: inclined roof design ideas:

1). First calculate the tripod tripping stroke, according to the ejection stroke, and then calculate the slope of the slope;

2). And then make the lateral movement of the lateral direction of the closure of the plastic seal, sealant priority with the level of plastic sealant, Injection Mold you can also vertical sealant, the use of vertical sealant need to pay attention to whether the product buckle bit will follow the slanting To the lateral direction of deformation, if the oblique lateral movement of space is limited, you can use vertical sealant

3). And then make the slope of the processing of the base, the processing of the base bit is the direction of the plastic bit out;

4) From the processing reference position, make the slope of the inclined surface

5). Adjust the thickness of the lateral movement of the oblique tops, when the total length of the sloping roof is less than 100mm, Injection Mold the minimum thickness of the sloping roof to ensure a minimum thickness of 6mm, if the total length of more than 100mm, the minimum thickness of the inclined roof to use 8mm, To this thickness, put the total length of the sloping roof short.

6). Do the two sides of the slanting sealant, sealant can be based on the slope of the strength and location, whether the need to go beyond the side of the plastic bit, Injection Mold if the strength is not enough, you can exceed the side of the sloping roof,

7). Doing the roof through the template to avoid the hole;

8). Slotted bar

9). To do the design of the roof

10). Care should be taken to avoid sharp corners as much as possible

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