Development Trend Of Automotive Parts

- Jul 14, 2017-

  Development Trend of Automotive Parts

  At present, China's Automotive Parts are suffering from exchange rate war and inflation and other issues, to solve these problems not only to improve their technical level to increase the value-added products to resist the exchange rate and inflation problems, but also long-term vision of the future, Parts of the future trend, a sure battle. From the current point of view the development of China's Automotive Parts have the following four trends:

  1. International industry transfer accelerated, mergers and acquisitions active.

  At present, most of the domestic Automotive Parts business sales are low, and sales of up to 10 billion US dollars of multinational giants compared to China's Automotive Parts business size was significantly smaller. And China's manufacturing exports have always been known for cheap, multinational large enterprises in order to effectively reduce production costs, open up new markets not only to low-cost countries and regions, large-scale transfer of manufacturing links, and will gradually extend the scope of research and development, design, procurement , Sales and after-sales service links, the scale of the transfer is growing, the level is getting higher and higher.

  Domestic parts enterprises in order to compete in the future international market share, the quickest way is through mergers and acquisitions, the formation of large-scale parts enterprise groups. Part of the merger and reorganization of enterprises more urgent than the vehicle, if there is no large parts enterprises appear, the cost does not come, Automotive Parts the quality does not increase the development of the entire industry will be extremely difficult. Domestic parts enterprises small size, strength is weak, lack of research and development capabilities, in this context, the parts industry if you want to develop rapidly, we must speed up the merger and reorganization, the formation of economies of scale.

  2. Automotive Parts enterprises to actively implement the systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply, Automotive Parts industry cluster development characteristics are obvious.

  From the world's major automobile manufacturers to develop Automotive Parts industry in the process of view, the development of parts industry cluster and the development of the automotive industry in the same important position, to be bigger and stronger must develop into an industrial cluster, which is the Automotive Parts industry The strategic choice. Vehicle companies in product development on the use of platform strategy, systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply gradually become the Automotive Parts industry trends. At the same time, the Automotive Parts industry cluster development characteristics become more and more obvious.

  3. Global Automotive Parts procurement will become the trend, Automotive Parts but the next period of time China will continue to export and internationalization as the main theme.

  With the changes in the organizational structure of the Automotive Parts industry, more and more OEMs will implement global procurement of spare parts. But China's large-scale manufacturing and quality and cheap characteristics of the short period of time can not change, so the Automotive Parts in the next period of time will continue to export and internationalization as the main theme.

  At present, the international buyers for China's procurement increasingly rational and practical, through the selection and training of potential core suppliers; increase their own logistics integration; Automotive Parts strengthen cooperation with foreign factories in the country to improve the latter's enthusiasm for exports; decentralized procurement destination, And other emerging markets in comparison to determine the procurement location, etc. to promote the process of China's procurement.

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