Fixed Setting Demoulding Mechanism Of Injection Mold

- Apr 12, 2016 -

For ease of lifting device for injection molding machine clamping system, mold opening, trade of plastic parts on the model side, mould demoulding mechanism is also set on the dynamic side. Sometimes due to special requirements or restrictions for the plastic parts, mold plastic parts after bI in fixed side. Then you need to set the locking mechanism on the fixed side. Mould demoulding mechanism in one case is generally used plate, rod or chain connected to a dynamic model. Figure 4-6 shows the mode set the demoulding mechanism of injection mold (molded plastic clothes brush), be restricted by the shapes of plastic parts, plastic parts on the fixed shape. After opening, tightly wrapped in plastic parts punch on 11, plastic parts are left in the fixed die "side, when the dynamic left-shift at arm's length, plate 8 with fixed-pitch screw set 6-led pulling pieces of Board 7 the plastic parts from the towel off of punch.

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