Injection Mold Design And Manufacturing Misunderstanding

- Oct 17, 2017-

Injection Mold Design and Manufacturing Misunderstanding

Injection molds due to structural design involves a wide range, it is likely that such a problem. These structural aspects of the design of the problem is often easy to overlook and often the problem, but these problems will also seriously affect the quality of the mold. Therefore, this requires our designers to pay attention to these issues.

However, some problems can not be addressed, it requires designers to have a solid knowledge of mold structure, while the need for mold manufacturing process and molding process is very familiar with, but also a wealth of practical experience, the need to understand the mold structure and parts design taboo Of the knowledge, so that in the design, the details of the problem to be considered.

If the design and manufacture of injection molds have the following problems, then the quality of the vice mold is not the same, not only a low grade, but also not any brand.

Common injection mold design and manufacturing errors are as follows:

1. Mold structure design is unreasonable, and the mold template too thick too thick, an increase of manufacturing costs.

2. Only consider the cost of saving materials, using a standard mold. Did not consider the quality of the mold and processing costs, reset the wrong position of the rod design, so that the pressure plate to reduce the strength.

3.3D design staff for their own convenience, two-phase cooling water pipe is not standardized design.

4. The screw can not replace the locating pin, the slider plate has no locating pin, and the reassembly can not guarantee the tightness of the slider.

5. The wrong application of the positioning pin, positioning pin can not withstand the lateral force.

6. The same orientation of the repeated positioning in the mold design. That is, there have been positioning, invisible to increase the unnecessary manufacturing accuracy, an increase in unnecessary manufacturing costs. In fact, this design to the fitter to bring manufacturing difficulty, and some fitter will put a part of the electric grinding head empty.

7. The guide post design is too short or too long on the grounds that the standard mold is used. Guide column requirements higher than the dynamic core 25-30mm or diagonal guide column can, can not be too high, Injection Mold nor can be lower than the dynamic core or diagonal guide column, otherwise, can not play the role of protection.

8. To avoid the partial slope of the parting of the dynamic, fixed positioning of the positioning structure design error. The positioning structure of the plastic mold, moving and fixed mold with large inclination of the parting surface should be designed to prevent the moving die from moving in the low side direction without inclination.

9. The mandrel fixing plate is deformed due to the unreasonable processing technology and increases the thickness of the mandrel fixing plate.

10. Oil tank is not standardized. Oil tank can not be opened, not too much, requiring standardized design.

11. The mandrel does not swing after assembly. The mandrel to swing, its purpose is to eliminate the assembly of the mandrel manufacturing error: center distance, vertical degree, coaxial degree, so that the assembly of the top of the body up and down movement freely, no blocking phenomenon.

12. Support column error design. Injection Mold The support posts are not placed in the least force.

13. The plane contact block is designed for the oil sump. The plane contact block is not moved relative to the template and it is not necessary to open the oil sump.

14. Plane contact block design is not appropriate, the number of too much or do not know with a rectangular or round good.

15. Pattern painting is not standardized, and arbitrary. Such as: No. 4 drawings straight, 3, 2, vertical map, the title bar size of any zoom, the layer is not standardized, the application of errors and so on.

16. The main view chooses the wrong, increasing the difficulty of drawing and processing.

17. The dimensions of the drawings are not marked as "complete, correct, reasonable and clear", so that the mold can not be realized.

18. Assembly drawings are not required. Injection Mold Directly with the three-dimensional map instead of assembly drawings for review, mold manufacturing and then provide the assembly map, the actual mold with the assembly diagram are different.

19. Mold material application errors, violation of the principle that the better the material, mold life longer, the better the quality of the mold.

20. Heat treatment of the errors, that the higher the better the heat treatment parts, the overall quenching parts, that all steel can be nitrided.

twenty one. O-rings do not match grooves. Injection Mold The O-ring of the cooling water is a rubber part, and it is considered that the big one does not matter, and the result is that it will produce water seepage or leaking.

twenty two. Because the customer is God, the wrong opinion is also life from, do not persuade.

Some mold users of the mold design and manufacture as mold designers, mold project leader on the customer's erroneous views do not try to explain, single fear of violation of God do a good relationship, and life is from. Some mold template shape is too large, a waste of energy, customers will never adhere to the wrong views.

twenty three. Any changes to the standard parts, such as the hexagonal sawing, the top of the tail wrist wear off.

twenty four. The guide pillar of the mold structure using a circular guide column.

25. Use a corner machine to cut the mandrel, flat and burr, chamfer.

26. Casting system design is not standardized, mold design does not consider the exhaust.

27. The threaded hole of the ring has interference with the water pipe hole, affecting the assembly, not standard.

28. Cooling water, hydraulic tubing layout confusion, three or more cooling water pipes are not integrated block.

29. Design error, processing error parts arbitrary welding. If a mold business can do to eliminate mold parts welding, it is indeed difficult, Injection Mold but because of the design error, processing error, you need to strictly control, can not be as usual, free welding.

30. Designed the unnecessary steps, did not take into account the processing costs.

31. The clamping of the wedge block has a gap.

32. Fillet and chamfer design unreasonable.

33. Design without standards, arbitrary, non-standard, not unified.

34. Mold assembly, Injection Mold did not confirm the quality of the assembly on the test mode.

35. Self-lubricating rails, guide sleeve with grease.

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