Injection Mold For The Parting Surface

- Apr 12, 2016-

This mode is also known as two-platen injection mold, mold is only one type, is one of the simplest and most commonly used in the injection mold. One side of the main road is not fixed, runner based in the parting surface, after the mold plastic parts along with the runner material left on the dynamic side. Dynamic mode is provided with release device, push the moulding and runner material. When clamping, in school and under the effect of the orientation and position of the Guide bushing, injection molding machine clamping system-driven dynamic to fixed direction, make the closing and provide adequate clamping force. 

After the mold closed, under the influence of injection pressure cylinder. Plastic melt through Nim injection nozzle on burning system into the mold cavities, melt filled measuring cavity and holding, feeding and cooling back mold, injection molding machine clamping system-driven dynamic backward, mold parting surfaces apart. Plastic wrapped in punch die-back, and from the sprue puller Rod pull the runner in aggregate. When the ejector of injection machine and mold ejector plate contact, demoulding mechanism of injection machine ejector push molds, pusher and puller rod, respectively the top plastic part and gating system, aggregate, plastic parts and material will fall automatically, complete the injection process. When clamping, reset to reset the demoulding mechanism first, prepare for the next shot.

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