Injection Mold The Main Nine Major Systems

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Injection molds are the following nine major systems: 1. Casting system 2. Injection molding parts 3. Core pulling mechanism 4. Eject system 5. Reset system 6. Support mechanism 7. Guide system 8. Cooling and heating auxiliary system 9. Arrangement Device.

1. Pouring system: mainly including the nozzle, gate, positioning ring, runner.

Role: plastic particles heating, melting, feeding effect. Locating the ring with the material rod to prevent leakage.

2. Injection molding parts: mainly including the core and cavity.

3. Core pulling mechanism includes slider and core pulling.

Role: to help better maintain the product structure.

4. Top system: including thimble, top block, top piece, center top.

Role: to help the product off the mold from the role. The topsheet is mainly used for lights. Center top is mainly used for round products.

5. Reset system: There are reset rod, spring, ejector accessories.

Role: After the completion of a mold product, reset the program, to lay a mold product to prepare. Move the first reset.

6. Supporting institutions: the main support plate, support block, column, mold feet.

Role: support inserts, keep the mold is not deformed.

7. Guide system: the main guide column, guide sleeve, pressure bar, the word block.

Role: to prevent product eccentric. The bars are on the bars, and the blocks are on the ejector plate.

8. Cooling and heating auxiliary system: the main cooling water, freezer, mold temperature machine, oil temperature machine.

Role: cooling plastic products, to prevent product miniature, to help product molding, to achieve a more beautiful effect.

9. Arrange the device: the main travel switch, protection block, lock bar, feet.

Role: protection. The trip switch acts as a safety guard. Protection block: protect the hot runner of the mouth. Lock bar: connect the fixed mold, to prevent the mold on the machine to open. To protect some of the protruding parts of the mold.

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