Injection Mold With Double Parting Surfaces

- Apr 12, 2016-

Compared with the parting surface, this mold many a local move of the Middle plate, also known as plate mould. Mold has two parting surfaces, as shown in Figure 4-2, A-A for the first parting surfaces, when stripping out the gating system, aggregate, B-B for the second parting surface, when drawing out plastic parts. Commonly used in single-point gate feed fatty and multiple-cavity molds. When the mold, injection molding machine clamping system-driven dynamic section moves, the Middle plate as the pressure spring 9, and die-part A-A disciplinary action, material are pulled out along with the main flow path. When the intermediate Board 6 to move a certain distance, when taking the runner material out enough, stop pins that are installed in the Middle plate 6 7 is installed on a base plate on the template blocks, asking plate stops moving, dynamic continued to move back and die in the D-J3 type. Plastic part tightly wrapped in a punch on the LL,

Gating system, aggregate, snapped at the gate, separated from the plastic part, followed by a 14 parting off on their own or manually removed. Mold continues to move, push the ejector and die shoot machine 16 contacts, demoulding mechanism of injection machine driven ejector, push plates 5-14 in the newspaper under the plastic parts from the punch of 11 towel, plastic sets in the reset the parting surface only among themselves.

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