Side Type Of Injection Mould Core

- Apr 12, 2016-

When the barium has g holes for plastic parts, when side concave or convex, molded parts must make a lateral move, when you die, which must first be removed, smooth plastic parts in order to release, then you need to set type of side-core pulling mechanism. Side DB-core-pulling mechanism usually consists of inclined guide pillar, tilt slider or angle pins to drive, and Figure 4-3 shows the typical inclined guide pillar type of side-core pulling mechanism of injection mold. The side-core pulling mechanism by bevel pillar 9, slide 10, 8 and slide the wedge block extraction at the end of the positioning device (block, sliders, levers, springs and nuts). When open mode, fixed to the mould of bevel pillar mould opening power-driven slide sideways, until the slider on the side of the core and plastic part is completely disengaged, completed actions side core-pulling, positioning device to determine its location. When clamping, inclined guide pillar to reset the slider moves inward, reset slider wedge lock.

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