Structure And Composition Of Injection Mold

- Jul 27, 2017-

  Structure and composition of Injection Mold

  1. Forming Parts

  The parts which give shape, structure and dimension of the forming material are usually composed of a core (punch), a concave model cavity and a threaded core, Injection Mold a insert block, etc.

  2. Pouring system

  It is a channel through which the molten plastic is led by the injector nozzle into the closed mold cavity, which is usually composed of a main stream, a shunt channel, a gate and a cold material well.

  3. Guide Parts

  In order to ensure the precision alignment of the moving mode and the fixed die, the guiding part is set up, which is composed of guide pillar and guide sleeve, Injection Mold and some moulds are arranged on the ejector plate to ensure the smooth and reliable movement of the demoulding mechanism.

  4. Demoulding mechanism

  The device for realizing demoulding of plastic parts and pouring system, its structure form is many, the most commonly used has the top pole, the top tube, the roof and the pneumatic ejection mechanism and so on, generally by the top pole, the reset pole, the slingshot, the top pole fixed board, Injection Mold the roof (top ring) and the Roof Guide pillar/guide sleeve and so on.

  5. Core pulling mechanism

  For the plastic parts with side holes or side concave, the side-pulling core or separate slider (side parting type) must be carried out before the ejection is made.

  6, mold temperature adjustment system

  In order to meet the mold temperature requirements of injection molding process, it is necessary to have a mold temperature adjustment system (such as: cooling water, hot water, Injection Mold hot oil and electric heating system, etc.) to the mold temperature adjustment device.

  7. Exhaust system

  In order to smooth out the gas in the mold cavity, often in the mold surface to open the exhaust groove, many molds of the putter or other moving parts (such as: slider) between the gap can also play the role of exhaust.

  8. Other structural parts

  Refers to the parts that are set up to meet the requirements of the mold structure (e.g., fixed plates, dynamic/fixed formwork, bracing, Injection Mold supporting plates and connecting screws, etc.).

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