The 5G Era Of The Plastics Industry Is Coming Soon: The New Industry Has Brought About A Great Positive Impact!

- Nov 23, 2018-

No matter at the national level or in the enterprise, they are sparing no effort to promote the development of 5G technology. What kind of benefits will 5G bring to people? How will we change our current society? 

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission jointly issued a notice on accelerating the development of 5G, requiring all departments to improve policy support and accelerate the development of 5G (the fifth-generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, also known as the fifth-generation mobile communication technology) technology. The joint notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has made the development of 5G once again the focus of attention. 

According to relevant media reports, Hangzhou will build China's first 5G experimental site based on 3GPP standards. At present, Zhejiang Mobile has built a number of 5G experimental sites in Hangzhou Wulin Commercial Circle, Qianjiang New City, West Lake Scenic Area and Binjiang High-tech Zone, in an effort to make Hangzhou a 5G city. The 5G era is coming soon. Compared with the 4G (fourth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, referring to the fourth generation mobile communication technology), the 5G network has three main characteristics: extremely high speed, large capacity, and extremely low delay. 

The 5G network has successfully reached 1 Gbps in the 28 GHz band, and the future 5G network has a transmission rate of 10 Gbps, which means that mobile phone users can download a high-definition movie in less than one second. 5G networks can also flexibly support a variety of different devices. In addition to supporting mobile phones and tablets, 5G networks will also need to support wearable devices, and the concepts of car networking, Internet of Things, smart city, and drone network will change. For the sake of reality. 

In addition, 5G will be further applied to the fields of industry, medical care, safety, etc., which will greatly promote the production efficiency in these fields and create new production methods. The emergence of 4G networks has made the mobile network's delay into the 100ms barrier, making it possible to use real-time applications such as games, video, and data telephony. The emergence of 5G networks will reduce the delay to a lower level. It will provide growing soil for more applications where extreme delays are required. In addition to making people's lives extremely convenient, the development of 5G network technology can create huge industrial value.

 According to statistics from relevant departments, it is estimated that by 2035, China's total output value of 5G value chain will reach 984 billion US dollars, creating 9.5 million jobs, much higher than other countries in the world. The emergence of a series of new industries such as 5G base stations, 5G terminals and 5G chips will greatly promote the development of various industries in the society, including the plastics industry will have a great positive impact. 

As far as 5G terminals are concerned, the chip giant Qualcomm and the domestic mobile phone manufacturer OPPO held a media presentation. During the meeting, OPPO used a prototype to show the 5G network speed on the spot. It is understood that this phone has a downlink rate of 1.4Gbps and a downlink rate of 160Mbps. According to statistics, after the popularization of 4G technology, only in May of this year, the national 4G mobile phone market shipments reached 37.836 million units, although the proportion of 4G mobile phone shipments decreased compared with last year, mobile phone shipments from January to May this year. The volume is still as high as 159 million. Once such a huge mobile phone market is commercialized, it will inevitably lead to the development of other industries. The various plastic materials used in mobile phones will also greatly promote the development of their industry. The construction of 5G terminals is only a huge project and market, and 4G base stations are taken as an example. According to statistics, as of 2017, there were only 3.28 million 4G base stations of mobile companies, and there were more than 5 million base stations of the three major operators. Most of the main equipments such as RF devices, antennas and optical modules used in the construction of 4G base stations need to use plastic materials. For example, antennas use new materials such as PTFE, and plastic enterprises that can produce such materials in China. not much. The antennas used in 5G base stations have higher requirements on materials. Relevant experts even indicate that the number of 5G base stations will be more than twice that of 4G base stations. 

Only one base station construction will bring huge benefits to the plastics industry. Although the commercialization of 5G has not yet arrived, the country began its 5G commercial layout as early as 2013. The MWC World Mobile Conference held at the beginning of this year has become the stage for all the heroes to show their 5G achievements. Huawei has kicked off the construction of 5G commercial network this year. 5G is getting closer and closer to people. For the plastics industry, it is necessary to grasp the trend of 5G technology development, produce materials with unique performance and excellent performance, and operate in the “5G” era of the plastics industry.

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