Two - Color Injection Mold Maintenance Point Of Attention

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Two - color injection mold maintenance point of attention

Check if there is rust or moisture in the air hole

If you find rust or moisture near the hot runner vent, it means that internal condensation or possible water rupture. Moisture can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater. If the machine is not running all year round, injection mold but in the evening or the weekend will be shut down, then the injection mold this phenomenon will increase the chances of condensation.

It should have been measured at the beginning of the use of the heater had its resistance value, it is time to measure and compare again. If the resistance value has a float of up to 10%, it is necessary to consider replacing the heater to ensure that it will not be in the production process of the critical moment out of the situation. injection mold If the initial resistance value has never been measured, it is now measured once and the resulting value is used as reference data for future inspection of the heater.

Check if there is any signs of wear between the guide post and the guide sleeve, and find out if there is any scraping or wiping

This wear is due to a lack of lubrication. If the traces are just emerging, you can also extend your life by giving more lubrication to the guide posts and guide sleeves. If the wear is very serious, it is time to replace the new parts. Otherwise, injection mold the cavity and the core part may not be able to fit well, resulting in a thin wall of parts.

Check the flow conditions

Connect a hose at the exit of the waterway and allow the water to remain in the bucket through the water pipe. If the outflow of water is not clear or color may have rust phenomenon occurs, and the flow is not smooth means that somewhere blocked. injection mold If you find these problems, drill down all the pipes and ensure that you can clean up (or take any of the most commonly used methods). Improve the plant's water treatment system to prevent future re-emergence of rust and obstruction caused by various problems.

Injection mold cleaning thimble

After a year, the thimble will become dirty due to gas hoarding and membranous impurities. It is recommended to clean the mold cleaning agent every six to twelve months. After cleaning, apply a layer of lubricant on the thimble to prevent abrasion or breakage.

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